Confessions of a non foodie.

                                                                                                                                                                                      photo by femme run

,,Look at this! Ahh, It must have been so delicious. It even has a berries on the side…great, I'm hungry now” Before I could fully understand what was happening I had my friends’ phone in front of my face. I glanced at the photo of a cheesecake that caused such an emotional reaction.

To be completely fair it was a very pretty piece of cheesecake. It lied on a pretty blue plate with a little silver spoon on the side. It had a very thin, light brown base that contrasted nicely with a smooth texture of white cheese, now dyed pink from dropping berries’ juice. 

I was just admiring colors combinations and wondering how embarrassing it must have been to achieve such a photo angle in a cafe when the phone was taken away from me. ,,Do you think they have cheesecakes in our uni cafe? I would love a cheesecake now. Maybe we could stop in that new bakery on our way home? I just checked and they have amazing reviews.”

This is the point where the problems start. We live in a world obsessed with food. Whether it is healthy salads or chocolate cookies, this topic is enough to make you best friends or greatest enemies with someone. Explaining to my friends that I am not willing to buy overpriced piece of cake, no matter how amazing it looks, is harder than you would think.

The truth is I don’t really care that much about food. If the dish is made out of ingredients that I accept (and believe me that list is short) it is fine for me. I judge dishes not on taste but on the  time they take to prepare, and to be honest, I am very far from being called a Masterchef.

Most of the time i do not enjoy eating outside and hate spending money on food. Who needs omelette du fromage where you can have a bread roll and be just as full afterwards?

I really do feel as I am saying something very scandalous or break a taboo but this is the high time to admit, that if there was a healthy cocktail I could drink every morning, and not be hungry for the rest of the day, I would probably drink it.

It's not like i hate food, or eating. I am just very simple with it. There are some benefits of non being a foodie. I can survive up to five months living on rice and oatmeal without hating any of those products in the end. 

Now that I think of it I still do live on rice and oatmeal most of the time. I am saving up for my next summer trip.

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