DIY Christmas Mood.

In case you haven't read any tweets, Facebook statuses,blog post or simply didn't looked at the date on your phone : It's December.! 

And December means Christmas *just sayin' in case you didn't know it yet*

I just realized that I am not that excited for this whole winter season mania anymore. It's seems a bit overrated. I think I would be more excited for summer - Warm weather, colorful drinks with frozen strawberries and ice cream cakes.

And the thought of those colorful drinks me me discover whole new side of pinterest. Full of recipes for champagne drinks and mulled wine.

That's when I restored my winter spirit. Here's the trick (works only if you are legal age, sorry).

Make yourself a good mulled wine (don't buy this crappy stuff at your local store, go on pintrest and let it amaze you), buy an advent calender (yes, you are going to eat it in one sitting, don't worry).

Great now that you have all the indigents all you have to do is burn some candles and put on a movie (Love Actually, Home Alone or any Harry Potter movie will do)

That's it. Congratulations. You just DIY'ed a Christmas mood. You can repeat it every week (just to make sure that the mood will stay with you, plus there is still so many recipes to try)


  1. Nice skirt. xx


  2. Super gorgeous look, dear ^_^




  3. nice outfit <3


  4. Merry Christmas! ❤︎
    Katharina // ktinka.com

  5. I like the idea of making yourself festive :) hope you've had a great xmas and a happy new year!

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture


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