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One of the best parts of being a student in a fashion school are amazing clothes. Dresses, tops, skirts you see them being made and then hang away. Such a shame. 

My friend had her final exam this week and she asked me if i would like to be her model. Would I like to be her model? Sure! I would love to be  your model (it only required standing still in the class in extreme high heels without falling down and I am happy to inform you i achieved it.). 

That was the day I understood how difficult being a model is when you have to present winter and autumn collection during hot summer days. 


Fringe and lace days.

Summer is my favorite season. I love hot weather, dresses and messy braids. 
Thanks to the sun and current summer weather I was able to sunbath and I am no longer white as my walls so I was able to wear my favorite lace dress.



In case of bad day watch Bridget Jones.
It will make you feel better.
*mostly about yourself which is bad, but hey! it works!*