Best Fitness Motivation quotes

Sometimes I wonder If this whole ,,You will learn to love it" thing isn't just another urban myth. Do people really love to work out? If they do good for them. Excellent. Well I, however, am just not that excited about this thing.

I still do work out 6 days a week. YES I really do. Don't worry, sometimes I have trouble believing it too. I don't know how I forced myself into this. Despite me, sweating and swearing (more than I would like to admit) for hour 6 days every week I am far for being fitness lover.

I am don't get excited about the workouts. I do get scared though, if that counts. The only thing I get excited about are results. Oh, I just adore the results. And that moment when they say ,,congratulations, your workout is completed". I adore this too.

To keep me going and to inspire some of you here is list of inspiring and motivating fitness quotes. Maybe if I read them enough time they will stay in my head forever and change my attitude. 

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