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It's Friday! 

In celebration of the begging of the weekend I decided to dedicate this post to something that matters most during those long-awaited days - bed.

I searched the deepest corners of the web to find bedding that not only makes me want to actually get up and look for my credit card but also redecorate my bedroom. And to do it now.

It made me think that maybe, maybe if I spend a little bit more money on my duvet covers I would feel less quilt for staying in bed longer than I should. If I already pay I might as well use it, right? Oh, who am I trying to fool. Of course I'm right. 

Here comes the hardest part. Which one do I like best?!

Always be yourself (...) Throw pillow by WEAREYAWN | CRY HERE (...) by lookhuman

I just want to drink coffee create stuff and sleep by WORDS BRAND™ | Keep Calm (...) by Ellos Home

Vintage Paris map throw pillow by lookhuman | Adventure (...) by Zach Terrell

Polka dot / stripes pillows by Georgiana Paraschiv | Happy throw pillow by WRDBNR

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