Oh, Lisa ! / My weekend obsession.

There is nothing more satisfying  than wasting your weekend. And if you are wasting your time on one of the best invention of all the time - the internet - it's even better.

Today I was pretending being busy exploring youtube. I had known Lisa Eldridge channel for quite some time now, but every now and then she will upload a new video and my obsession starts all over again.

Watching her videos is like watching an artist at work. Well, that's because she is an artist. Sometimes I still cannot believe that I can just learn from her for free. I mean - I, person still having make up skills of beginning beginner - can pick up some tips for free. It's mad. That's what it is. MAD.

Hope your weekend is going alright. If you excuse me now I have to go. I still got some time to waste.

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