To tattoo or not to tattoo?

The idea of freely volunteer to have needles put into my very own body, numerous times, is not very appealing to me. However, I can easily understand why people do it. It is just ridiculously cool to have a message of your choice on your body.

Still I won't do it. 

I want to but I wont. 

Or maybe I will.

Will I?

My mum is alright with tattoos. She actually wants one, always wanted one, and the idea of me getting a tattoo excites her more than it should. I mentioned it ONCE, casually, and she's in for it. So I cannot use my parents as the excuse. 

Also,  majority of my friends have at least one tattoo. It's nothing special. I would't stand out at all. So that reason won't work either.

But that's ok. I am prepared.

All cool people with tattoos here's why I will never get one :

I just can't decide.

The thing is that it stays on your body forever. FOREVER. And that's a pretty long time if you ask me. Well theoretically you can get it remove but let just say that if I agree for pain it is one time deal.

As I have serious regrets  after buying wrong kind of yogurt I don't think I qualify to be a person who has something permanently on her body.

Maybe someday I will change my mind, as I always do. 

So to tattoo or not to tattoo?
The answer is simple : if you have the guts : tattoo. It's cool and pretty, and helps you express yourself and... ehh, great! now I want to have one  a g a i n!

Do you have any tattoos?

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  1. Replies
    1. I like them too,i just think i like them on other people more haha

  2. I love the look of tattoos, I can just imagine that I'll get bored of mine if I were to get one!

    Alice, That Fashion Victim x

    1. I know what you mean, I got bored of every single idea relatively quickly. Maybe it would be different if i couldn't see it on daily basics, like on the back of my neck. Maybe that would help but i don't think I'm going to risk it xx

  3. I love tattoos but just this FOREVER makes me super scared ^^


    1. that's a scary world isn't it? ,,Enjoy it - it's going to be on your body forever" - umm okey, let me think about it again. haha Maybe I over think everything too much:)

  4. I really don't think a tattoo would suit me but some I've seen look amazing, just on other people!

    www.BarelyThereBeauty.com | UK Beauty Blog


    1. Some people can completely rock tattoos, it's just like they were born with them! x

  5. YES :-D

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  6. So funny, my mom would kill me if I ever got a tattoo so I'm totally jealous your mom is all for it. haha funny how different mom's can be. I can't decide about tattoos either, this is kind of sexist of me but I've found that I like them a lot better on guys than I do on girls, I'm not sure why. But I do love the white ink tattoos- I think those are super cool looking!

    1. I love white ink tattoos too! such a shame they would look so bad on my skin tone. I don;t think it sexist at all, I like them more on boys too :) Probably because boys with tattoos are just sexy :) Do you remember the show L.A. ink? My mum was the biggest fun I think. it was on ALL DAY :D

  7. To be honest, I'd only take a tattoo if I was a 100% sure about it! You can never turn it back, so it would be a shame if you had one and would regret it later!!



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