Zip. Unzip. Repeat.

Being tired is essential part of University. I am almost sure that if at the end they will think you had too much sleep, you won't be able to graduate. True story.

But today I was able to force myself to get up at 7 am, even though  the sky was still pitch black  in Denmark which didn't help.

Only 18 days left til my Christmas brake. 18 days till my Copenhagen trip and i just c a n n o t wait. Not only Copenhagen is one wonderful city but also it will be full of   c h r i s t m a s   l i g h t s   when I will be there which makes this trip even more exciting.

And recently I discovered that Copenhagen have one of the best Christmas decorations in Europe. Anyone fancy joining me in my trip? Bet you do.

Recently I have been working on some videos to upload on youtube. Don't worry thought. It wan't be anything connected to Beauty Things. You wouldn't like to see me doing that. As I am expert on being confused about adult life I thought that I might as well do some videos concerning traveling alone, moving abroad or just renting a flat. Maybe I will help you just a little bit and you wont have to struggle as much :)

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