My moving abroad story.

I just uploaded video on youtube about all those things that changed in my life since I moved abroad.
But lets start from the beginning Why did I moved and why Denmark?

I never had the awkward ,, I moving away" talk with my parents. They knew. Well, to be honest everybody knew. Maybe it was so painfully obvious that I didn't fit in or maybe I constantly talk about travelling and all those amazing places in the world. Who knows.

For some odd reason I believed that the moment I cross border will be the moment when I will be finally happy. I don't know if I expected to get a laugh attack on the other side or simply better mood, but I definitely was expecting something to change.

I was struggling with panic attacks, OCD and depression for years and I believed with my whole heart that I will leave those problems at home. Hey all my problems! You will stay here and I will go an have some fun! k? I clearly believed that I could just run away from myself.  

Even before I started high school I begin to look for all the possible university courses abroad that I could take. And I chosen Denmark. Because everybody go to UK and I wanted to be original. And Denmark is on the list of happiest countries (and that was what I needed).

So I graduated from High School, got into university and packed my bags. Not everything went as planned. I miss everybody more than I would like to admit. My problems definitely didn't stay at home. I realized I couldn't just change my whole life in one day.

But despite all the problems it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Sometimes in the middle of 3 hours long train ride to the airport or during the transfer flight I smile to myself. I love those trains, airports and bus rides. They make me feel alive.

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