Hospital, Blood and Band Aid

You would thought that after years of watching Grey's Anatomy and House MD I’d feel more confident in the hospital. Well no.

I don’t like hospital at all. And If that hospital is in another country and you cannot understand a thing at all, well then the situation is even worse.

I was forced to go to the doctor today. I have been a picky eater my whole life. I should be definition for picky eaters. The pickiest of them all. Which is nothing to be proud of.

Anyway, as I am a picky eater the information that I probably lack one or another vitamin was not surprising at all. It almost didn't get my attention until I heard the words blood and hospital. Those two words got ALL of my attention.

I was somewhat prepared for a blood test but there is HUGE difference between having your blood taken at the your doctor office and the hospital. That’s whole another level of unpleasant and scary. Just entering the hospital is scary. You have to manage your way through the labyrinth of different wings and entering and you read words you don’t understand, and you see people who really need help.
And then when someone tries to help you, you feel stupid for taking their time when there are people who need their help much more than you do.
And let me just say that the hospital scent doesn't help either.

And of course, if you are anything like me, you will enter the hospital through the emergency wing. HUGE mistake.

After I finally found my way through the labyrinth and spend some quality time in a queue ,worrying how am i going to find the way back out and hoping that no one will ask me questions, I was asked to enter small room with a nurse and thousands vials of blood. Maybe not thousands, but way too many for my taste.
And I was fine. I was really fine until she took out four or five vials and put my name on ALL of them. That wasn't something I was prepared for and it was the moment when I realized that actually this whole thing can end up in embarrassment as big as fainting right there.

Why so many? How long it will take to fill them up?

Well it took long. I don’t know how long but sitting there I could swear it was almost 3 hours. Maybe 3 and a half.

And I sited still the whole time, trying to remember how to breath and worrying what would happen if I would faint with the needle in my vain.
Now, that i think about it it wasn't the best idea. My imagination didn't help at all.

The nurse glanced at me few times making sure i understood how big looser I am and that I should put my shit together.

I didn't got a lollipop or candy after it was over but i got a band aid, which can also be cool and it makes you look way more mysterious and interesting.

But I still eaten cookies when I came home. I deserved it.


  1. Nice post. ;-)
    Thanks, for your lovely comment...

  2. Yep, they are never nice.

    Thanks for visiting Concept 43.
    Priscilla Joy
    Dutch Caribbean

  3. Blehhh. Last time I got my blood drawn, the nurse was like "oops wrong arm." She had to do it again. :o // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯


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