Would you like to be a Chipmunk?

Never in my life have I thought that I would be jealous of the Chipmunk's life style.
Why would I be? Hibernation. That's why.

Eating as much as you can and then falling asleep until the cold, winter days are gone seems uncomfortably appealing to me.

But let's think about it so more. 
To be honest there is not much use of me during short winter days. I hate cold weather. If I don't have to I do not leave the house. Or, to be more specific, the bed area. I usually just sit there with my laptop and hot tea using all my brain power to force myself to do something, somewhat productive.

It's like I need light and warm air temperature to function. But then again, I live in Scandinavia.

What if I could just hibernate during those winter months, charge my sleep batteries to the fullest, and then just skip sleeping during hot summer nights. Now how cool it would be?

Too bad it is impossible. Just like many others cool things.(including teleportation or delicious, fat free ice cream)

Maybe I should just move to one of those amazing places on earth,where the summer lasts all year long. That probably would be the easiest solution.

But then again, what people complain about in those countries?
Do they even have something to complain about?
Oh yea. Non existence of fat free, delicious ice cream.

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