Saving first kiss till marriage?

Do you smile when you think about your first kiss? Do you have the sparkle in your eyes? And wait did your heart gets warmer? Mine do. The love may be long gone but that kiss has a special place in your heart.

Mine was cute, lovely mostly clumsy.  We were standing in front of my house, looking at my rooms' windows trying to break the awkward silence. We just got kicked out of the shopping mall (i am sorry to disappoint you here but we didn't do anything out of line. They were just closing. This story is not THAT interesting). I can't explain why but i could seance it coming. I knew for sure it is going to happen. Right here, right now. The only question was who is going to make the first move.

 I was stepping from one leg to the other with my heart was racing in my chest. I was wondering if it is possible to have a heart attack because of the kiss. I didn't even care at that moment. It kind of felt like my heart isn't so mine anymore. The snow was falling from the sky and the street lights made it look like glitter. Or maybe it was glitter, maybe heaven knew the importance of this moment too. And then it happened. His lips touched mine and nothing was the same again. We kissed for a minute or two. Maybe we kissed for the whole year. How long it wouldn't be it would still be too short for me. He moved away and whisper ,, I love you" in my ear. At that point I knew for sure I would't have a heart attack. My heart was melted.

Of course that amazing kiss was followed with just as dramatic and slightly more interesting break up during which my heart magically unmelted and broke into a million and two pieces instead. But I will save that story for a different time.

The main reason why I told you about my first kiss is because of the discovery I recently made.
Turns out that some people save their first kiss til marriage. 
Not only their virginity but also their first kiss.

I found out about this movement because of the The Duggar Family from 19 kids and counting. All of their kids (19 of them) is planning to safe their first kiss for marriage. They also don't hug or hold hands with their partners till that magic wedding day.

I am perfectly OK with that. It is completely their choice and I admire their ability of developing the relationship focusing on the emotional side putting physical part aside. It is impressive but it is also something I wouldn't be able to do (even if I could).

It must be an interesting experience for them to experience first kiss, hug and wedding night within few hours. That's what you call a emotional roller coaster.

There are few reason why I couldn't do it.

1.What I love about my first kiss is that it was mine. I can talk about it but i can also keep all the details to myself.     It was only me and him.

2. I was nervous enough. My legs were shaking so bad I was afraid i will kick him by accident. I can't even imagine having audience to watch. Audience full of my family members. With the presence of my dad. I think it would be harder for him than it would be for me.

3.It was clumsy. Oh if i were kissing myself then (not creepy at all) I would think I am a horrible kisser. To be honest I wouldn't like my husband to think he is stuck with bad kisser.

4. I like kissing too much. I think it is true. By that I don't mean that I just walk around the street giving kisses to every handsome boy i see (I wish!). But when you are kissing that special person there is unique bond created that I think influence your relationship in some way.

5. Well mostly important I already had my first kiss so it wouldn't work out anyway.

Another thing that impress me is how strong willed you must be control your self that much with the one you love.  And I am not talking about kissing anymore, but hugging and hand holding. How hard does it has to be.  But in the end it must be somewhat adorable to say to your grandchildren that their grandpa was your first kiss.

Do you remember your first kiss? Are you saving it for marriage?


  1. I will not save it haha! Great post!


  2. love the post!really well written!


  3. Yes I remember it who doesn't!! I think everyone should do as they like. If they want to save their first kiss good. I wouldn't! What if he's a terrible kisser and on top of that you also married him. That's an awful thought haha. Wish them good luck :D

    xx Mira


    1. that would be horrible! or worse what if i would made it bad?! in front of the whole family?!
      I would be so embarrassed haha xx

  4. Great post !!!!!!
    Kisses doll!!!


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