Let's ... meditate ?!

If there is one thing i could swear i am good at it would be doing nothing. Sitting in one place with your eyes closed doing absolutely nothing seems like a pretty easy job. Don't get it fool you. It is much harder than you think.

Apparently there is a really long list of benefits of meditation. It calms you down, provides you with more oxygen so you are more productive, helps you with metabolism, slow down the aging process( or not, i could make that one up) .

But that's not the end of the list. How cool it is to say ,,oh sorry i didn't pick up the phone. i was meditating ". or ,,I was really bad at chemistry but then i start meditating and I got it just like that. Look at me now doing potions and stuff. Here you go, i made you an organic bath ball from all the things i have found in the forest during my morning run after the yoga."

After all the hype on internet, and pretty pictures of women cross sitting i saw on pinterest I decided to give it a try. I sat down, played ,, meditation for beginners on YouTube (i don't know why i did that. maybe i just wanted to have companion to sit with me in silence) and closed my eyes.

First fifteen seconds were exciting! I was meditating. I thought how cool it was and I immediately decided that it is so cool i just have to make a blog post about it. I should tell my friends too.  I didn't know why more people didn't do it. I should call my friends and then maybe we could all mediate together and we would make our own mediating club. We finish earlier on Wednesdays so we could all meet up and ... Well than i understood i was doing it wrong. I should be relaxing not planning my professional meditation trainer carer.

So i tried again. I took a breath and cleared my mind.

Is i thinking about thinking nothing breaking the rules of not thinking? 

I didn't knew. All i knew was that my nose was extremely itchy and  I was getting thirsty.
Or hungry.
Or both.
And then my phone rang.
So i paused the video on 4:16 minute and got up (do not mistake with gave up).

I guess I will have to practice more.
I will have to think how I can stop the thinking.

Lesson learned: things that seem easy can be harder than you think.


  1. interesting post!


  2. cool post
    anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?


  3. Meditating is difficult, but it is the best feeling you can experience when you achieve it.
    Great start, Lots of love, xx


    1. I bet you are right! I have heard so many amazing things about it.
      Patience is not my strength but i ques it's something i have to be now haha xx

  4. great this post! ^^


  5. Great post! I don't usually meditate because I get so distracted haha but it's definitely a healthy thing to try! I usually turn to yoga when I have time. I need the relaxation from time to time!



    1. that's what i do too! yoga is so much easier for me , i ques patience is not my strength haha xx

  6. Great post! Its crazy how hard meditating can actually be! I also think wayy too much!


    1. thinking, over thinking i do it all!
      the funniest thing is that it seems like the easier thing ever.
      i was sure i would love it! xx


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