Keep it short!

The spring is officially here. Birds are singing, spiders are back and the bee dances to the rhythm of buzzz came back to the streets. The weather is getting warmer and girls can trade all the sweaters for those cute dresses they've been dreaming of all winter. But this year not only skirts are getting shorter.

Short hair are in. From extreme boy cut version to the cute over the shoulder one.  They are everywhere.

It happened before. Do you remember when Victoria Beckham showed up with the asymmetric bob? If you are a hairdresser I bet you remember it very well as the line to your salon curved around the corner waiting to get it all cut off. It didn't affect me back then. I liked the hair style at first and got bored of it pretty soon as it was impossible to escape from it.

This time is different.
At first I think I should define what i mean when I am talking about short hair on me. For your better understanding I will tell you the brief history of my hairstyles. Since I magically grow hair at the age of 3 (i was bold till that moment) my hair have been long. Sometimes super long (to my butt) sometimes a bit shorter. So when i say short hair on my I mean over the shoulder style, which some people define as long.

So yes. I have fallen in love with this hairstyle and i think I have never wanted to cut my hair so bad in my life. Actually that is not true. I THINK I want to cut my hair but I am not sure. That's why my hair are still long and every now and then i cut it shorter and shorter. Assuming the speed of my hair loosing its length i will get this hairstyle just in time for it to go out of style. Oh well. But it is not fashion i would like to do it for.

Have you ever cut you hair short in one go?

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  1. i absolutely adore the hairstyle but I KNOW (sadly) that I am just not made for it. my hair is way too thick and I would end up looking like an up arrow.

    from – The Lion's Den

    1. I never thought that thick hair could be a problem, good think you don't have to change it cuz they are amazing like that! x

  2. I did my first big cut when I was like 16. I wanted that Dido look with the flipped out hair. Didn't really work out because I never realized how extremely thick my hair was and good straighteners were not very affordable back then. Now I'm at the point where I'm pretty sure I want to keep my hair long forever! But if you decide to cut, I think it will look great! Lovin' your blog~

  3. I went from long hair (dyed blonde) to a buzz cut in one afternoon. It was a great decision. It took about 3 years to fully grow out, and now it is long (and brown). Sometimes I miss the ease of the buzz, and the fuzzy feel of my head. For now, I'm having too much fun with my long hair to cut it again.


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