Photo diary ( 4 am walk, london and trip home)

Yesterday i started my day at 2 am and finished it at 2 am the very next day.
I was in 3 countries, 5 cities, I took one walk, one train, one bus, two planes and a car ride and here i am in my parents' home!

here are few photos from this veery long day.

friendly remainder and life saver.

I have always been big fan of planes. Well it is not like I collect figures nor i stand on the roof shooting every plane i see. You won't find a stamp collection under my bed. I just hold a great appreciation for availability of such an option. Not only this form of transportation gives us plenty of opportunities but it is also an great time saver.

let's use a time machine now.
Back in the day people would have to organize a cruises to visit a country overseas. They would have to spend month on the open sea dealing with being sea sick and the crew people which they probably hated by the second week. Sounds complicated and way too expensive.

Nowadays we can just runaway in any hour,minute, second. The word is waiting.

2 hours flight might separate you from your dream city.
1,5 hour flight between you and your family.
4 hours flight and you never look back

I know it might sound crazy but book a ticket maybe?

4 am walks make you realize you have seen too many thrillers.  

there is something very poetic about lonely train ride in the light of raising sun.

Just as many other little things, little airports are just so cute! 

it was such a pretty day in a pretty London city.

after that long journey i reunited with this little, white cutie pie!
we both were way too excited to snap a photo so here is the screenshot or just as cute film!


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