Flats on!

High heels might be sexy but running to a bakery  in your new, cute flats in a spring weather with the smell of freshly cut grass in the air is quite amazing. Here are four pair of flats I would love to have in my possession, simply because they are cute. And when you're 5'9 you don't really need extra height anyway.

Do you remember that nude dress you saw online recently. The one that would make your legs super long and would highlight all your right features. The one you said you can't buy because you have enough dresses and you wouldn't have anywhere to wear it either. Well, you are wrong. yes you are. Think about this cute restaurant you kept hearing good thinks about. The ones where your drinks have mint leaves in ice cubes.

You could go there with your friends. It's been ages since yours last girls night out. And you are going to need a dress... and the shoes. Like those cute, soft leather flats with tassels from Zara. As cute as flat can be.

Spring cleaning has its good sides too, you were able to find your long lost and forgotten bag with red floral pattern. You just need to braid your hair and make your way to the weekend street market. Not only is it a great smelling and looking place but there is something special about fresh flowers. They great great atmosphere and will provide you with a great week. Oh, only if you would have a great shoes to match the scenery. Maybe raffia shoes? But be careful once you look them up you will fall in love.

Remember that time when your boyfriend left a white shirt at your place? And you might or might not forgotten to give it bag and well kind of stolen it? That's ok it is officially yours. And i have got some news for you. Because of it you will be able to go shopping, and not just shopping but shoe shopping. Just think about it. Those skinny jeans, that look so good yet are so comfy you just don't want to take them off , would go perfectly with that now your shirt. And you know what would match that look? New espadrille flats. Just like this pair.

You might have forgotten but let me remind you about this exam of yours. Yes it is coming up faster than you would like it to. Not worries though. At least you've got your outfit planned. That little a line black dress with pockets is perfect for every occasion. And don't you think those stripy flats would add element of fun to it? And you would definitely feel more confident in a nice shoes, wouldn't you?

What's on yours shoe wish list lately?

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  1. Great choices here! I absolutely love the espadrilles. I've been meaning to try them out, but I"m not sure if I can pull them off. Thanks for checking out my blog as well! :)




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