Finding Mr Right

The man of your dreams is probably wandering around some city, going somewhere interesting to do something important. Or maybe not. Maybe he is just sitting at home watching TV.
Finding this one right person for you is difficult, cities are crowded and the chances that you are going to meet that person today are significant lower than you would like. Luckily I have got few tips for you that will make the chance of meeting the One higher.

Based on experience and few experiments here are the results of the test.

1.Wear your worst clothes.
let just stay you need to pop up to the store to get more sugar for the cake. Make sure your trousers are stained, the more stained the better. Your top should be wrinkly and if you have a bit of flour in your hair that's good too. The worst your appearance is the hotter the guy will be. That is the law. And if you don't happen to meet your soul mate on that they you will definitely see someone from school, probably someone you don't like or your boss or that mean friend from primary school.

2.Have the worst day ever.
Be mean. Believe those amazing things happen when you least want them too. if everything is going wrong that probably means it is going right. Be grumpy at the store, don't exchange smile on the street and if you at the party feel welcome to talk about your problems.  get drunk with your friend and complain about every single thing, you can be sure that the moment you won't be able to control your moaning anymore will be the moment he will come to the kitchen. He won't be attracted to you, maybe he won't even like you (not to blame him) but at least you will meet him.

3. And when you finally meet him act like a weirdo or just stare.
Whatever works for you best. You are welcome to make a fool out of yourself but let's look at the bright side - at least he will remember you.

Those tips were created based on a personal experience of myself and many other girls.
If you are lucky enough to meet your soul mate without tips from point 1 & 2 and without making a fool out yourself in the end then i wish you a happy relationship You did it. I don't now how but i am waiting for you to give me some tricks and tips.


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