My neighbours think I am weird.

My neighbors think i am weirdo.
It is not a ques, not a suspicion.
It is a fact.

I see it in their eyes when they are passing me by on a walkway. Each and every time they are getting more and more creative when it comes to excuses not to talk to me. (maybe i should create a little book with them or something so i could use them up if i will ever need to)

I kind of know why they are acting that way. There can be few things that i have been doing, to make them think i am crazy and they should keep kids and animals away from me. (especially those cute animals)

1. Cold hurts me - literally. When it is cold outside it is not only unpleasant for me it actually hurts. I don't know if anyone feels the same way, but with every blow of a cold wind i feel like someone is stubbing me with pins. I even cried from cold once (and still i moved to Scandinavia i must hate myself). But that's not the reason why they think I am weird. The reason is that I will do everything to avoid getting cold - even if it means putting my winter military topshop jacket (with fur hoodie)  in the summer. I have gotten few weird looks and one commentary in language I didn't understand.

2. I open my curtains - It might not seem that weird for you but believe me. Here, where i live, it is weird. People want 220 % of privacy. Maybe because mostly students live here and they want to hide their mess (or maybe something (or someone!) else). But here is the thing. Something is wrong with my lamp. I don't know what, all I know is that it does not light up. So I put this problem on my long list of things i should probably care about to think about it later... sometime.. Up til that sometime time I open my curtains breaking all the laws and making weirdo of myself. Maybe I should repair that lamp because now my room has to be more or less tide.

3. I like flyers. You know those huge piles of flyers in your mailbox? People hate them for some reason. They take them out with disgusting look and put them in the recycling bin as fast as they can afraid that someone could spot them with one of them in their hand ( that doesn't count when we are talking about pizza flyers, they are more than appreciated and are not only collected but also taped to the honored place on the fridge). I , however, like those flyers. Not only I don't throw them away but I also take the walk of shame through the whole neighborhood to my apartment with them (in my HANDS). Yes I take all of them, even the supermarket papers.

4. I have stolen a tree and put it my bedroom.- I really did that. Okey, maybe i am being a bit dramatic. I didn't exactly stolen the tree it was laying cut on the street. And I didn't take the whole tree, just a brunch. A quite big one. Yes maybe that is not an usual thing to do but you should have seen it in my bedroom. It looks amazing! And best bit? It was free!

So yes, my lovely neighbors may have a reason to thing I am odd in someways, but there is always at least one weir neighbor in the complex and this time i think it is me.


  1. Great post! Sometimes I think my neighbors think I am weird too! :) I suffer cold a lot, it makes me feel unhappy! Loved the tree story! :)


  2. loveeee it!

  3. Much love for your comment on my blog bb! It's ok, everyone thinks I'm weird too xx



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