Dealing with Failure.

The calm before the storm. The second before you know the truthBurning hopeQuiet please. 
Not all the dreams come true. Not all the plans work out. Sometimes they are smashed and thrown to trash and we don't know why. Maybe it is wonderful stroke of luck or maybe just a  lesson to learn. No matter how embarrass may I feel I think it is as important to share our failures as to share our success.

Being happy while reading about someone's else failure does not make you a bad person. No one wants to be the only one. It is good to know that life is not a path full of success and in today's word it is easy to forget about that. But no one's life is perfect. 
Life has a perfect timing and it is not rarely that your failure happens just in time for your friends success. Not fair? Maybe. One way or another it is a good personality test. Being happy for your friends living your dream is not easy. But your turn will come.  
Hold your head high my dear, wipe away your tears. There is way for you.

How to deal with it? 

  • Cry 

It is ok to share some tears. It will make you feel better. All those bad emotions have to find a way out. It will make you stronger. 

  • Rest
Go for a walk, run a mile, watch a movie do a pinterest diy. Keep your mind off the topic for some time. Try something you wanted to do but you haven't got time before or something you have never done before. 

  • Accept it. 
It happened. It is not the first time and probably not the last. Don't waste your time thinking about things that could be done differently. Don't torture yourself with what if's. Take a deep breath and prepare for plan b (it might be better than plan A!) 

  • Breathe 
Just breathe.


  1. this is such a beautiful post and I second every word you say.

  2. So beautiful!

    Kirsten x


  3. Such a beautiful post dear!

    xx Karolina

  4. Great post hun, and with a title like dealing with failure, you got my attention, and very touching too. Glad you commented on FASHION SQUAD, so I can click and lead back to your wonderful blog, it's really nice and clean, I like your photos and content :D FOLLOWED YOU in case you didn't know, heheee!!! By the way, you must check out my newest outfit featuring a navy MAISON MICHEL hat, C√ČLINE shirt, GIVENCHY blazer, ACNE clutch and shoes, and very very flowy Zara trousers that masquarades as a dress.

    xx The Provoker


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