Happy Birthday to me! 20/20

It is my birthday today and i decide to do something more than just one birthday wish!

I am not longer a teenager. 

I don't really mind it. I was never good at being a teen. But somehow I am a bit disappointed. I was kind of hoping that I will wake up smarter, but there was no fireworks at midnight, I don't feel different or wiser (I am still really bad at geography) and I must admit I feel the same as I did yesterday. 
I was fearing this birthdays not because of turning 20 but because it was the first birthday I have spent away from my family and friends in a different country, but I had such a good support and for the first time I even got a birthday card in a post! 

I also decided that this year I won't make just a birthday wish. I made a list. No, not a list of wishes (although it would be pretty cool) I have made a to do list. 
 20 things to do in my 20 year of life. 

It is quite challenging as it is difficult to complete one new year resolution sometimes but I quest it could be fun to complete. I must admit that putting this list was more difficult that I thought it would be! (writing things you are scared of  on your to do list is harder than it should be < I mean at the end of the day you can just burn the list>. But I am going to commit to it and do my best to complete the wishes and keep you updated on a progress.! 

20 for 20 list

  1. try a meal I have never had before 
  2. learn how to cook 
  3. go on a unplanned adventure 
  4. learn yoga 
  5. do more hairstyles 
  6. host a cocktail party 
  7. leave a letter in a library book that meant a lot for me 
  8. learn how to run 
  9. throw a surprise party for somebody 
  10. buy something selfish for myself 
  11. ride a horse 
  12. learn Italian 
  13. go on a picnic 
  14. go to the theater 
  15. grow something out of seed 
  16. prank somebody 
  17. get film camera and make pictures 
  18. surprise my family coming back home 
  19. go to the zoo 
  20. make a wish list for 21's birthday


  1. happy birthday!
    greetings http://www.we-heart-fashion.com

  2. Happy birthday babe! Good luck on completing your list!


  3. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!
    I nominate you for the Liebster Award http://newhautmonde.blogspot.ca/2014/03/liebster-award.html


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