Oh no... you got it all wrong!

Maybe it is just me but I really think fashion magazines got it all wrong.
Lately I have found a two page article about what men would like women to wear. Two pages about which trends they hate. Those two pages were totally wasted. They should have put commercial there instead. They would make money instead of making some stupid statements.

Well, it wasn't really groundbreaking - the clothes men choose to like. If you want to know what men like just look in a men's magazine. It's full of women with tailored pants and little black dresses... Oh no...wait... I got it wrong. Most of the times girls are in bikinis if they are wearing anything at all.

I don't need any men to tell me than this oversize sweater is not sexy. Of course its not. It was my very own choice to choose this sweater and put it together with this leggings among all those nice dresses and to choose this boots, for which i stand half an hour in line, instead of high heels. And while creating this outfit I was not thinking about being sexy, being comfy was one of my main goals which I have achieved thank you very much.

Maybe I wouldn't. Care about it so much. Maybe I could just turn the page and see some nice pictures instead. I would probably do that if i wouldn't know that few years ago i would read every single world of this article and being a desperate teenager that i was throw half of my closet away.

Why do we let those girls believe that they should wear clothes MEN would like them to wear. That's just plain wrong, not only because most of the time they have no idea what they are talking about. May i ask where is article in playboy that tells them that those 3/4 length shorts are ridiculous. Where is the article in maxim that they should iron the t shirt before putting it on!? I may have missed those.

We really should let young girls know that the truth is most of the time they don't care what you are wearing. They won't remember it tomorrow. Don't spent two hours in front of your closet before that school day wondering what he would like to see on you. Wear what you like, wear something that gives you confidence. If you think it looks nice wear it, play with it express yourself! It is really gun and i should have done it years ago. That what fashion is for.

Everybody have a different taste, personal style that help the decide with which style they should identified. Something that is sexy for some is way to much for others, something that is classy for some may be boring or conservative for different group. It's. Endless circle, that goes on and on and trying to satisfy everybody is not only impossible but also will give you the worst headache in history.

Boys will judge your looks and girls will judge it on a completely new level but you should be the most critical, at least if this is the day when you decide not to care at all. If you like it go for it, find your style.

There is something really intriguing I being confident. And if you rock this sweater with those boots while having a sparkle in your eyes and smile you will be way more sexy to a boy than a girl who constantly pulls down her tight dress, in which she does not feel good at all but she chosen it anyway because some random guy have said it's sexy in a magazine.

We should really let young girls learn from our mistakes.
And we really should let guys know that there is something called iron and it was invented some time ago. And no boys, unfortunately there is still no app for that. You will have to do it manually.

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