5 shades of Brown.

Well you wouldn't expect to find one of your features surprising , especially if you were living in this body for like 19 years. And if this feature is something as visible as hair.

I have been dyeing my hair since I though that by doing so I am a grown up girl. I was 15 at the time. And being as cool as I was i dyed my hair blond. It wasn't a drastic change, they ended up being just a few shades lighter ( later the few shades became a lot of shades, as being as light blond as possible was one of my main goals in life). The thing is I really liked the result and I never really stooped. 

I was making highlights, I had ombre and all those different things and in all of that I forgot what my natural hair color is.

Apparently that's not surprising. It turns out a lot of girls tend to forget what their natural hair looks like. Don't get me wrong I knew that it wasn't that dark or that light but I haven't dyed my hair for four months now and I am still amazed of my natural shade.
It's not brown.
It's not blonde.
It's kind of cool. It was nice to see it after all this years. 

Sometimes I get this idea of growing out my natural color and not dyeing my hair ever again.
But who am i lying to? 
We all know that i couldn't resist highlights.

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  1. Same here. Started colouring hair at 15 and somehow I still get surprised by the colour of the grow out that pops up every month :D


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