Layering course.

There was the time when i was so naive to believe that with time i will get smarter. At the age of ten I hoped that somehow in the future I will be able to make the best choices for me, and i will make my life a real life fairy tale. How insanely stupid was I. Not only i didn't get smarter. I am pretty sure i got even more stupid and I feel like with every next decision I have to make my knowledge is getting smaller. 

Okey, maybe i am overreacting right here. Maybe I am too tired to think logically even after my 9 hour sleep and i blame the weather. But let's start from the very beginning. Let's move in time to the period when me, Nita age 18, was making the biggest decision of her life yet. I was choosing the university abroad.

 Me, Nita age 18 having the knowledge that I cannot stand winter, cold, wind and mostly important rain, was choosing the country to move in and start my adult life. Among all the others European concurrence i have made my choice. Did I chose the Spain? No. Italy then? No. Okey so maybe Germany or France the weather there is not that bad... No.No.No. I have chosen Scandinavia. Denmark. Place where the wind and rain have the ability to sneak under all of our layers of clothing and tickle you in the weirdest places.

I love living here, people are so nice and helpful, the university is great, but the weather here is just... eh. No wonder that danish people have a master degree in layering and no wonder that they are wearing mostly black. Everything that could attract even the smallest amount of sun is a good to give a try. 
On the ordinary day i drink more coffee than wall street economists and still i cannot think about anything else but my bed. 

The winter have officially started now, the snow fell down and the ice created the ice ring on the street just in front of your front door! How convenient is that. The worst thing about all of this is that i really hate complaining. I am not a complainer (as you can see from all i have written before, haha, i became a complainer)

 I really need to stop complaining. And making my life harder. And I should take some evening curse of layering, and then maybe i will learn the danish secret and i will not look like a snowmen while wearing two sweaters.

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