In the search of Narnia.

Every now and then i feel disappointed that there is no secret passage to Narnia in my closet.
So i go around all the closets i have access to, hoping that in one I will find prince Caspian. So far i have been unsuccessful.However i did found few treasures that helped me cure my disappointment.

One of those things is this white, big, fluffy sweater. This poor little thing was trapped inside my grandmother's closet, waiting patiently in the dark til somebody will find it in all its fluffiness. I came to rescue and i am more than pleased to wear it in this strange not winter but not yet a spring weather.

It's 3 sizes too big, but let just say it's oversize. Plus that's the one of the things I adore about it so much (apart from fluffiness - this is the best). It comes really handy when someone during the two hours lecture decide to open the window to let the fresh air in. You can just sink into it not worrying about the north pole temperature in the classroom.

I have paired it with the striped sweater , to be extra warm, and the skirt i have made long ago , and i wear it way too much. To celebrate the warmer weather i put on the wedges and I was ready to go.
Who cares if there is no prince in the closet if there is so many clothes you have forgot about. 

It's like shopping without spending money. 

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