Hot Scandinavian guy.*

I feel like I am always waiting for something to happen.
 I am pretty confident that I am not the only one.
No matter if it's Christmas, Birthday, Online order (as we all know the worst part of online shopping is shipping. Pay twice as much as for clothes, get it as soon as never) or just for the end of work/school day.

I am counting seconds, minutes and days like I have never done in math class.
My diagrams could be used in math textbooks, and probably they would fit psychological one just as well.

The truth is I kind of miss home. I love this uni abroad experience but I miss them more than I ever thought I would. But then I don't really want to go back.
Ok, I am s c a r e d to come back. Happy now?

I just know it will be awkward with all those hugs, and i should probably invest in a t shirt ,,I am ok, it's going alright you don't need to ask" because after the very first day i will get soar throat from assuring  every person i meet that I did not get engage with some hot Scandinavian guy. That's disappointing for me too.

There is still 9 days.
9 more days til i jump on the plane and see my dog. And family of course.
9 more days to make Scandinavian guy love me. 9 more days to convince him to propose.
And he doesn't even know my name yet.

*where ARE you?

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