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Do you ever get this feeling that something is following you everywhere you go? It's everywhere you look waiting patiently for you to notice it and fall in love with it.
If this is a boy, well it's creepy and maybe even a little bit scary.

But if this a trend we are talking about then there are only two options you two may either have a very sweet romance or you may hate it with all your heart. (and judge every single person wearing it)
Currently i am having a bad romance with a check pattern. Why bad? Mostly because our romance is purely platonic. Just as if i were in love with a rock star.

I have a million and one photographs of it saved on my desktop, i see photographs of people having fun in it i think how cool it would be to go out in it but it never happens.
I don't think i could pull it of quiet yet.
I love it on other people but i am not sure about me.
Anyway, during one of many important internet investigations i found few pieces that i want to own because I could get inspiration from it and one that i desperately need. A Burberry's scarf.
If I would own this one when i was younger my mum would never had to remind me about tying a scarf around my neck. I am pretty sure she would had to remind me to take it off.

Finding this scarf help to realize one major problem I had with my inside head shopping. The list was getting longer and longer and it became to messy to memorize. So I created my future shopping list and with pride i have put this scarf on a first place.
In the tv programs they always mention how you should make a list before you go shopping in order to save money. Not sure if that's what they meant though.

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