What does the fox say?!

I don't know if there is a prize in being indecisive or the great award for the biggest mind changer but if there is , well then step back because here comes the real winner.

Forget the Oscars, who cares about Emmys I've go the biggest talent. I can make your shopping adventure a living hell.

Buying carrots? Well there are tens of them good luck choosing the right ones. I can promise you that i will spend ten minutes there analyzing the shades of orange and doing my best trying to remember what i once heard about carrots in this cooking show I saw three years ago.
My mind does it to me, all the time. You can only imagine how my clothes shopping looks like.
 Let me just tell you that if i go shopping i go shopping. It's an adventure, and it includes two meals and it takes full day.Pretty sure it would include accommodation if there were hotels in shopping malls (still don't know why there are not? Who wouldn't want to stay in the mall for the night like seriously)
 I also change my mind a lot. You may thing that i finally made a decision and you may almost feel relieved but no! The tiniest doubt comes to my mind and the whole process starts again (you've done your shopping, you've paid and probably by this time you'd have eaten your dinner but i am still standing next to the carrots ,, don't you think this one is unnaturally long?".
The same thing happened with this sweater. Maybe because its color is kind of carroty ? It used to be my mums, well technically it still is, i just borrowed it for a long term with the not that i may not be giving it back. I used to hate this sweater. I used to make fun of it and its ugliness (lets be honest, its ugly, it's monstery and it's the best) but now i kind of in love with it. It's so ugly that if you spend enough time looking at it you develop those protective feelings and you just want to take it home and take care of it. And that's what I did. I took it from my mum and feel it love with it. 
Sometimes ugly things are so pretty!


  1. Where's the sweater from? It's not ugly! I love it :D

    1. haha i love it too! No idea where it is from through, sorry x it was bought few years ago by my mum and it has not a single label on :)


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