Flowers, beach & cute boy's dreams.


Today i runaway taking the very first train. Not completely true but close enough. Today i gave myself a little trip to the sea side.

Although i could do a lot of fun things there for sure i was not able to sunbath, or maybe i could do it if i would stay in my winter coat. I think that if i would keep my coat, hat and gloves i would be completely fine on that beach.

Today I also wore one of my favorite scarfs ever. It's black (how could i not like that) and it has flowers pattern. I don't know why but i have obsession with folk patterns, i find them adorable and i completely disagree with the statement that they are meant only for table cloths.

 Luckily  for me they are in fashion thanks to for example Alice Temperley so i can rock them as much as i want to! they always remind me of spring, flowers and fields and me running through that fields with flowers in my hair to the cute boy in white shirt laying on the checkered blanket eating wild berries... to much?

Maybe, anyway, i think that those patterns are amazing especially now when you are not really able to tell with season it is, all you know is that it is super cold. With all those flowers and colors you can easily brighten up your day, and if you are not brave enough to wear them on a dress you can always use them on small accessories just like me.


  1. Zazdroszczę Ci wycieczki nad morze ;) Tydzień temu, co prawda, też przebyłam sporo km pociągiem, bo 400, ale nadal jest mi mało podróżowania. Momentami mam dość siedzenia w Warszawie i chciałabym wyjechać gdzieś od tak po prostu, żeby przeżyć niesamowite przygody ;) Jaka sielankowa wizja! I do tego całkiem sympatyczna - to fajnie, że folkowe wzory tak Cię nastrajają, przynajmniej masz mały pozytywny aspekt jesiennych chłodów ;)

    Buziaki i uściski,
    Marentora :)

    www.marentora-everdream.blogspot.com - nowy post ;)

  2. nice scarf!


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