Best mistakes.

Sometimes mistakes turns out to be something amazing.
 I was looking around for the perfect wrapping paper to use as a wallpaper. (And yes you've read it right. If you are wondering this is working and it looks perfectly fine. ) So i was walking around, just casually looking for the best paper that wouldn't have santas or stars all over it, and unfortunate it wasn't as easy as i hoped. It was typical life example, there was three billions kinds of wrapping but none in a solid color. How surprising.

And then somewhere between Christmas trees and carols city i spotted a single basket with silver papers. The first thought that came to my mind? Destiny. I grabbed it as fast as i could and although i was a little bit suspicious and i've got this feeling that something is not quite right i decided not to care. Another typical reaction. Ignoring the smart inner voice. Who would listen to it? i was so excited that i didn't even mind driving (or rather balancing) with it on my bike without a basket that of course i had to left at home. And when i got to my apartment and with relief i realized that i didn't loose it on the way i actually read the label for the first time and discovered that the thing i struggled to bring home was not a wrapping paper. It was cellophane. A transparent one. Oh well. 

Because of that i ended up with 5 meters of something that i did not needed. It was the time to become creative. I created the coolest clear posters. They are great if you want to write on your walls but you can't because you are renting the place or simply because your parent would kill you if you did. Just fake it! Maybe they will fall for it and you'll have some fun. With another piece i've made a table i always wanted. The one with the newspaper pattern. And the cellophane is just amazing on this table. It's waterproof, somehow heatproof and honesty i don't thing it could be better. Who would thought what wrapping paper bought by mistake could do!

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