Victoria's Angel body.

Okey, now this is not normal.
It is some kind of magic and we all know that according to all the poses information Angels should be fat. Let's be honest. They fly everywhere (no walking-running they just fly or teleport), they eat candyfloss all the time or whatever the clouds are made of and some how they menage to have those *waytogoodtobereal* bodies.

We were able to watch those angel's bodies when whole bunch of them agreed to give up flying for a second and walk on the runway instead. The thing with this whole show is that no one really cares about the fashion pieces. They are just additional. They are just an excuse to put together the whole amazing  performance. Have you ever heard someone saying ,, ohh i can't wait to see which pattern they will use this season on this push up bra?" Nope. You have not.

Anyway. this whole body amaziness inspired me to write a post about my work out routine. Not like I have a VS angel body. I just have long, curly hair. Is this close enough? However, sometimes after show like this people get inspired to give up small amount of their free time in favor of working out.

Before i write what I do I would like to mention that I do not go to gym. There are few reasons for that. Firstly i hate when people tell me what to do, i like to think that it's my choice. I know that in the videos people tell you what to do as well but somehow it's different. Maybe because I have a power of turning this video off. Secondly if you decide to go to gym, there is a lot more effort into it. You need to dress, and it's better to look cute because all the niece boys are there, and you have to go out, and come back and maybe it's raining and... Basically the more effort you have to put into it the chances are you won't do it.

The first thing i do, and it's not my choice is that i bike. I go to my uni five days a week and i live 30 minutes or so away. So I spend a hour on a bike even if i don't feel like doing so (and i don't really feel like biking in the cold air at 7:30) . That's really good way of exercising if you don't like working out. And i am pretty sure that i have broken some records on my way home. You should see how fast i am when the teachers says we are free and I am really hungry.

The second thing i do, and this one i do because i truly enjoy it, is the bare work out. It's basically a ballet inspired workout routine and it looks posh and you feel graceful all the time. It last for 40 minutes and during this time you get really into it and you may even start dreaming about becoming a ballerina in a Russian opera. The whole experience is even better if you play ballet music in the background. All you need is a tutu, legwarmers and you are ready to go. My favorite one if the one made by thefitnessblender and it can be easily found on youtube.

Lastly i really like yoga or Pilates. Those two I especially enjoy if i am having a panic attack or if i had a rough day. They teach you how to control your breathing and emotions and they can be both : relaxing or energizing. On the youtube i really like Ekhart yoga. You should definitely check their sleep routine. It is so calming just don't fall asleep with your legs up!

And that's it. I bike everyday and i try to workout 3 days a week however, i say however, i want working out to be pleasure and i don't feel like making myself to do something i don't feel like doing because i know it would just put me off. That's why i switch videos and routines all the time. They are certain exercises that i hate and i just avoid them.

My biggest advice is ,, find something you like" or if you really hate this whole sport thing find somethig you don't hate to much. There is something like that believe me. It comes from a girl that played tennis, danced and failed in a lot of other sports. Just keep trying and don't make exercising a torture. It should be for yourself and it should make you feel good. And this whole good feeling will keep you motivated as nothing else.

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