To Givenchy with love.

Form time to time i see a piece that takes my breath away. I get chills, my hear race and I know i have to get it. I have to. It's destiny. Every seam is perfect, every single thread is on its place and I just can't help it but stare at it, and plan a million outfits in my head. And arranging equal amounts of events that would give me an opportunity to wear it. Usually all of those symptoms end in the second i see the price. Or maybe few seconds later when i realize that not paying the rent just this one month is not the best idea I've had.

I had all this symptoms when i saw Bambi. Or half of the Bambi I should say. The Givenchy sweatshirts, t-shirts and bags with this print are just s t u n n i n g.  First of all making sweatshirts fashionable is genius itself. Second of all putting on a Disney print (or even a part of it) is brilliant. Any doubts why they are so popular and a lot of items is sold out? I have none. Not a single one. Show me a girl who wouldn't want to spend a day in sweatshirt with a DISNEY print on it getting envy looks and you will be pointing on a liar.

As i covered it before i kind of cannot afford this piece. Well, i could but this would involve sleeping on the street and as December is coming it wouldn't be pleasant experience. I really apprentice heating and warm bed as well as the possibility of having a warm shower.

The last time when i was going through all my things in my closet I've found the Disney hoodie with a Minnie on it. After quick analyzing process in my head i realized that it will do. It has to. I know you may say it is nowhere near the Givenchy one. And you are right. If you only can go and buy one. And if you have one i would be more than happy to mail you list of the outfits my mind created as well as all the excuses to wear it.

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