Procrastination champions.

Are you a last minute person? 
Because if you are not the last SECOND class is now opened and new members are welcome to join our group full of best of the best procrastination champions.

I don't know what is wrong with me and it's not like a plan to do it that way. It's just always happens that i do my work seconds before the deadline. Want an example? It 9 pm. I have a presentation with my group at 7 am. Is it ready? Well....

Don't get me wrong. I am not that stupid to left the w h o l e presentation for the last minute. It's done, it's written, it prepared. I would go crazy if it wouldn't be perfect by now. It's just those small details like printing the plan and thinking which part mention in the interview and which left unsaid.

I was wondering why I work that way all day long (yes i had time for that yet none of the work was done) and i realized that it might be because of the rush of the adrenaline.

Some people climb mountains, (which is cool and i would like to  try it one day. But i would start with a small one, with a very few stones, a hill maybe? ) Some jump from plains and Me being as boring as i am simply leave things for last minute.

There are few good sides of such a behavior. If you are just like me you work just perfectly under the pressure as it is nothing new for you. You run pretty fast and you can print things in a blink of an eye. What I have also notice is that members of our group have great ability of making things as they go. Don't know answer for the question? Let me thing about it...

I really think I should stop right now and come back to my work. Or I can upload a new look to lookbook and post few more things on tumblr. Oh, and i think i will iron the clothes for tomorrow and i really fancy a tea right now... Maybe I will print it in the morning. Yes, I will wake up early and i will get it done. Sounds like a good plan for me!

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