6 more days darlings!

There is definitely something magical in Sundays. I do agree they are a little bit weird, especially when those unwanted thoughts about Monday sneak into your head and remind you about all those thing you should do next week. With a little bit of practice over the years i was able to block those thoughts and ignoring them now is just a piece of cake. Or i just lost my ability to care and  I don even have those thoughts anymore.
The point is that Sunday is one of those weekdays that you can always recognize. It just feels sundish if you know what i mean.

 Everything is lazier and there is nothing, n o t h i n g going on. There is not a single new thing to watch on tv or even on youtube and no one is even mad. It's just a Sunday.
 Perfect day to put on yours 'i won't even pretend i care' clothes and sneak away with a book and big cup of coffee. You can take a blanket and a pillow with you. Oh and a plate of oatmeal and banana cupcakes. You will have the best Sunday ever. Not like i have done those things today and i am talking through experience. I'm better than that. Actually today i run a marathon and wrote all my university assignments, even those due next month.  It is just a ques. A things that i think could be nice to do. Maybe i will try this whole sneak away thing one day.
  So whatever you did i hope you had a great day off and you were able to safe enough energy to get through the week. If not don't worry. Next free days are coming in 6 days. And somehow 6 days sound better than the whole week.

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