School girls

 Now , when October came with all its glory, almost everybody came back to school. Some even have their first break (like me) some are just starting their adventure with universities and colleges (like my friends). Some of you might be still in high school but it doesn't matter. We are all in our post summery moods and attending classes at 7 am is not our favorite thing to do.

 You might be a freshman or you may be a graduate with a master degree - when it's cold and rainy you still wish you could stay in bed all day and you still make up weird scenarios in your head just to not fall asleep during especially boring lecture. It just still happens. There are few things that might help with this not so pleasant transition - boys and cute clothes. And do not worry if there's lack of cute boys in your school or they just ignore you (raise your hands up) there's still hope in cute outfits. And the good think is that our school things are really fun to style. Rock, Cute, polite, polished - whatever you want  will be fine and fun as long as you won't be inspired by Britney Spears school outfit - you will be noticed but it might be just a little bit too inappropriate. And if you are not a morning bird you might try to prepare your outfit the night before or just do it for the whole week in a advance!

Outfit inspiration

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