Last minute!

I am a last minute person. Because of that running around with a shoe in one hand and mascara in the other around my flat writing message ,, I’m on my way” at the same time is nothing new for me. 

But after 19 years of being that person I have come out with a solution.In my head I have put together a few last minutes outfits so that I could get ready faster in a crisis situation. Genius? Yes, indeed.

The best part of them? No one can really tell I was running late. There is no need to iron any of those pieces which saves a lot of time, which I can spend on much more pleasant things. Like eating breakfast. Or I can still catch a bus.If I am running late it’s not always because of the alarm clock or sleep. Most of the time it’s because I am simply until the very last minute pretty sure that I still have a plenty of time to get ready. 
Sometimes I am right,
sometimes I am wrong.
Sometimes I use my last minute looks just because I am too lazy to care.

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