Oh sh...shoes!

Let me tell you the story. The love story. There was once girl that one day discovered what it feels like to feel in love from the first sign. 

Not expecting a thing she was walking around the shopping mall just to kill some time. She was looking around trying to spot something interesting and then It happened. Boom. Crush. Puff. Just like that she was in love. She couldn’t believe how perfect everything was. She decided to come closer. They were standing there. Tall, slim, black. The perfect winter shoes. 

She tried them on and they were fitting here like a gloves. There was only one problem. This little thing that kills so many dreams – the p r i c e.

 The girl couldn’t afford them so she decided that if she cannot have those shoes she doesn't want any other pair. So there she was walking in the cold autumn rains in her sneakers. One day her dad couldn’t watch her struggle anymore and he let the love go on. Or he gave her money to buy the shoes. You name it. That girl in the story was my mum and one thing cannot be denied. I have inherited the love for expensive shoes.

 Let’s be honest. I am a student living abroad. I can hardly afford a butter so how can I buy my dream shoes? The answer is I can’t. And in times like this, when cold is taking big steps towards my town and I am looking for the shoes to protect my feet I am very frustrated because there is nothing that I would like. And if I like the shoes I cannot afford them. Good thing I can draw myself wearing them and I instantly feel better. And before you ask – no, it’s not cheating. 

shoes i would love to buy


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