Danish weather story.

Oh the Danish weather. It's perfect for people that love surprises. 

Maybe the day will be so rainy you will be sure you do not need to shower and despite of all the layers for sure you will be able to feel raindrops running down your spine and the cold wind blowing in your face will make you forget that not that long ago you were wearing a bikini. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is still the chance that the sun will shine, and you will be able to feel its warmth. You will instantly regret that you took your jacket with you and you will start  dreaming about ice creams or vanilla shakes. Or both to be honest.

Danish weather is great if you love surprise. Who would thought that both of those days will start with a greyish sky. And the best part is that the first day can change into the other one within minutes.

And I once thought that weather in Poland was weird.

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