Foreign land

Is it better to stay or leave?When one of two friends is leaving and the other one is staying who is in the better position?Well, I used to think that the leaving person.

Not only that person will experience something new, but will also meet new people, make friends and the person B, the person who stayed can have fear of being forgotten. Bu things are not that easy. Person who is staying home stays in a familiar environment, with people he or she knows while the other one is completely alone in a unknown place.
I never looked at this from this point of view.Never realized how hard can it be until recently. When out of sudden I moved to a different country. On my own. I can say that it is extremely difficult at first. More than you could imagine especially if you’re on your own. It gets better with time, but still there is an empty space in a soul of mine when all those things that I didn’t appreciate enough belonged.I am a person that left.
Do I regret being that person?No, but I can say that in this week I have grown up more than I have in last year. 

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