Little brown bag

Sometimes even the littlest things can brighten up your day.They are hiding laughing at you and your angry face.Then suddenly in the perfectly right time they jump out and observe how your expression change.
 How the smile appears and lighten your eyes.The day, you thought started pretty bad, is saved.
And it’s all thanks to something so little.

For me it was this brown bag. But let me get the story straight.

I was looking for the perfect large bag since I don’t know when. 
Or actually I do know.
I got gift card for Christmas. Haven’t use it since then looking for the perfect bag.
And on Friday, after day that started with a failed driving exam I was walking around,  and I can tell you I wasn’t looking like a happy person. And then after hour walking around and moaning about how I can’t even find a good bag I saw this brown little friend of mine. Just smiling from the very bottom rack. 

How could I not pick it up? How could I not buy it? I just did and made my day better. I hope that I will create many awesome stories to tell with this bag.

Because those little things have more impact on us than we thing they do. 

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