Once upon a time

Every girl is a princess. It’s a fact.
We might not be living in a castle or we might not have a prince charming (yet) but we can definitely dress  like princesses. And there is reason why we should.

 Maybe it’s because of Disney movies but whenever I wear a full circle skirt or a dress I feel joy. Just pure joy like I’d be a little girl again. And I want to dance and jump and do ballet  and then go ice skating. I want to do all those things to show everybody how my skirt twirl. And if this skirt is mint – it’s even better. 

But actually I felt like a little girl than knows she did something wrong  wearing this skirt. You see one day I was just walking around the apartment, not like I was looking for something I could use as a fabric, I was just waking and suddenly I saw this mint sheet that no one was using anymore. Or at least I couldn’t remember using it. So I took it, and I’ve decided that it would be nice to make skirt out of this unused sheet. It’s called recycling.

So I was walking around wondering if anyone would notice but they didn’t. They will never know. And it’s good because I have a secret.
I didn’t make one skirt out of it.

I've made two.

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