Diy Crop top

Often our imaginations about living in certain city are far from being even close to reality. How fun is it to imagine how it is to live on the other side of the world. What people eat, drink how they dress.  I even know what I would do if I would be living somewhere else. 

 I would be surfing in Australia with my perfect tan or I’d be knitting in Norway but let’s pretend i live In California for a second. I do not but if I would be living there I would be skateboarding, I ‘d be sick from eating ice creams and d wear crop tops almost every day over my Victoria’s secret bikini.

 Even though I don’t live in West coast This is my California outfit because in this week I was lucky enough to experience California  alike sun. I took advantage of that and I decided to do a diy crop top. It was easy and fast to do and it turned out very cute. A little bit boho too.  But it’s summer so boho style is more than welcome. I put my hair in fishtail braid messy bun and I was feeling as summery as you can feel.  I even made a video! And a gif. Because one can never have enough gifs.

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