DIY Two toned jeans

You know does trends that do not speak to you? Trends you don’t really get and you can’t understand all that fuss around them.

It happened to me when I saw those two toned jeans and two toned pants. Remember when Chanel made those black and white tights that was cool on the runway but I would not wear it.  It was the same with the pants cool but not for me. But then suddenly when I was looking through net a portet website, not disturbing anybody, being quiet and calm I saw them. By them I mean MIH JEANS.
Even now I am not sure what made me love them so much but it just happened.

It worked out and I even made a tutorial showing you how you can diy them. It’s easier than it looks and yes I was wearing two pair of jeans at once at the beginning of the video. Yes it is very uncomfortable. Yes it was hard to take them off.

As it usually happens I feel in love with this style of jeans. There is just something in them, I can’t explain or even understand what, that makes them look amazing on. They are like those naughty children with an angel face. They add character to every outfit. So I wear them a lot.

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