White T-shirt's super power

I hate being late. I do not like to wait for people and I don’t want to be the one people wait for, however, I belong to group of girls that think they have a plenty of time to get ready and they end up running around 5 minutes before they should leave.  Usually I am running in my pajamas hoping that there is something clean in my closet that does not need to be ironed. 

In times like this, that are not unusual , ,,Simple and plain” is the best choice.  And what’s more simple and plain than a white t shirt?  It’s one of those magic things that you see in the last minute that sings to you ,, I’m the one that you want, honey”.  

T-shirts evolved from undergarments and they were worn by minors as a great piece of clothing for hot environments. Well that haven’t changed much. T shirts are still great option when it comes to walking around the crowded city in the midday sun , thinking if someone would notice if you’d disappear for a couple of days and come back with a Italian tan and much better attitude, after two hours the only thing you dream of is cold shower.  

Plain t shirt, plain skirt – to make this outfit a little bit more unique I worn beige, wedge  sandals with chains and a vintage bag.  When you wear a vintage bag any outfit seems to be well put together.  Try it! It’s kind of fun to fool people.

White t shirt and grey skirt? – booring, white t-shirt , grey skirt and a vintage,brown, leather bag –  interesting outfit that might seem simple at first but actually is quite interesting and … no it’s last minute outfit put together with a thought that I would rather be laying in a kid’s pool in the middle 
of my living room watching program on discovery showing the best beaches in the world than go out.

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