Spring Breakers.

So my spring break is over. Yeah, it is over which is sad.
You know what else is sad? No sign of spring have been seen.
The snow is still on the streets. A lot of snow. And as I said it a billion times before I will say it million times more I am a spring girl.

A summer girl. I could eat strawberries covered in chocolate to make up all the sadness but… oh there is no strawberries because it is cold. How nice is that.
Anyway I am really hoping that spring will show up soon because spring and summer collections are showing up in stores and I want to buy, and wear the clothes that I bought. And there is so many white pieces ( Reserved has a black and white collection presented by lovely Cara , they can also be found in H&M, and if you are looking for summer, lace dress this is a place to go.) and of course even more floral prints (Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.) It might not be groundbreaking or orginal but it does not have to be.
Spring means flowers, flowers mean spring.
So I have worn my flower dress with puffy sleeves and I pretended that there is a flower rain in my room.
 It was fun,
 It smelled nice.
 For a second it almost felt as a real spring.
Maybe I will just go outside and put flowers in random places?

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