Guilty Pleasure QUIZ

There is a quick way to check what kind of fashion person you are.
And the funny part is that there is only one question to answerer.

If you were given free voucher to purchase any designer product what would you choose?

I was excited even when I wrote this question.  I imaged how it would be if I would actually got something like this. I think that before I would choose something I would go mad and I would end up as this weird person on the street that scares everyone. I would be walking around, jumping and  coming to random people ,, do you know what I’ve just got?”

Anyway, What would YOU chose?

A pair of shoes? That would come with this nice box smelling amazing, and you would spend whole evening in your brand new shoes walking around your apartment , and you wouldn’t even worry about your wooden floor. You wouldn’t go anywhere either – who wants their brand new shoes to get dirty! But you would definitely plan what to wear with them and the answer to your question is no. It is not weird to love your shoes. Talking to them is fine too.

A bag? A pretty little or ‘so big that it will get way too heavy’ bag? You would take it out of its dust bag and just stare and admire perfection. You would forget about all the other bags you own, and you would be so picky about every little thing that would go inside. To dirty, too ugly, too old, everything would have to be perfect. You would walk around carrying it on your shoulder making sure it is noticeable. You would be careful and for sure you wouldn’t left your new bag on the floor.  It would stay that way until you would find a new one.

A piece of clothing? A little black dress that will last forever or maybe Burberry coat that will last even longer? You would immediately plan all the adventures you will have: Meeting your prince charming, he would notice your timeless coat and he would come up to say that he just couldn’t miss opportunity to meet a girl with such amazing fashion sense. You would smile and walk away without a world leaving him nothing more but a piece of paper with your number. He would send you too many flowers and he would propose on a field in the middle of the summer during the sunrise, or on this rock concert,  in the middle of the crowd and people around would start screaming.  Years after you would walk your child to his or her first day of school. It would be a very cold September and you would be wearing the same Burberry coat.

A beauty product? Or perfumes? That would make you feel confident and sexy? And you would be able to wear them even when you would have nothing else on, to make any moment perfect. I don’t know if it’s only me but beauty product, especially luxurious ones, seem really … sensual to me.  

It is a very hard choice. It is like you can only chose one thing, and you are anything like me you will spend a lot of time analyzing everything as you would do this for real. But you can also be lucky enough to know what you would chose without having any doubts about it. One way or another, now you know what your guilty pleasure is.

I was sure I would bags but this prince charming story is really convincing. 

pictures : shoes / bag / coat/ perfumes


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