Little Black Diy

I finally had enough of this Winter. 

It is almost April and snow is still lying on the street and my spring dresses are still hanging in the closet
. As I slowly cannot stand my sweaters anymore and as I am dreaming about being able to show a little bit more skin I have decided to change the neckline. What’s sexy yet school appropriate? 
Oh yes. V shape. 
So I took this oversize sweater.
 It’s better to be safe than sorry so I draw the outlines of the neckline and I used fabric glue to secure the knits so I would not have to be afraid that I would lose half of the sweater by pulling one of the strings [1] (and there is high chance that I would pull one of those strings)!  
Then I carefully cut of the unnecessary part. [3]. 
After that all I had to do was to fold the edges and sew.[4]
And voila! Now it’s ready to wear. 
And it is comfortable, a little bit sexy ( it is when it’s on! ) yet fashionable. 

It reminds me a little bit of the sweater shown by Saint Laurent on S/S show. More
Polite version I would say. 
Maybe I will wear a outfit inspired by this tomorrow? That is not that bad idea!


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