One more fashion challenge.

We all have those days when we have no idea what we should wear. And the longer we think about it the more desperate we are. Today, for me, is one of those days .

My friend is (or was now) in a ballet school and tomorrow she and her classmates will have their final performance. I am really excited as she and her friends are amazing dancers and I am sure that the whole thing will be unforgettable but… I have got nothing to wear.

There is probably  a million rules on what to and what not to wear but I want to look modern, classy, sexy, pretty and a little bit cute. All at the same time.

It might sound ridiculous and it might look like a mission impossible but it is something a lot of girls want to achieve.
Admit it. So I took this challenge.  I spent the evening looking through all my dresses.

Here’s what I’ve found: T e a r s. Nothing more. Maybe a little bit of dust in the darkest corners of my closet but I did not count that. Nothing more was there.
In a bad situation that I am now, there is no chance for me to buy a new dress and it is way too late for me to sew something.

 If you are anything like my mum you are probably thinking why I haven’t planned what I will wear before. Here comes the surprise. I did. Actually I put together a perfect outfit. And it stayed perfect until I tried everything on.  Then it became clear for me that things will complicated as this outfit is just not…. Enough.

 If only I could wear one of those little dresses from Valentino A/W collection. Oh no problem would be there. I would not mind wearing little white dress from Dior SS collection either. All those things I could wear that are not hanging in my closet right now. Such a shame. As it is still impossible to download clothes  (not that I would do that!) I have to figure something out. I have less than 20 hours to do that but still I have a plenty of time.

picture one / picture two / picture three

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