Hussein's kind of magic.

You know those modern projects that are amazing and beautiful but you wouldn’t wear them? They are great but a little bit weird. Hussein Chalayan has a great talent on making modern clothes wearable.

Photographers went crazy.
Tumblr went crazy.
I went crazy when I saw gifs of Hussein’s transforming  dresses.
I double checked and they are real. I went to youtube to see whole show and… Oh well. It was better than many action movies I have seen. 

After the first transformation my heart started beating a little bit faster.

 Will this dress transform too? And if it will what it will transform to?
Anticipation and curiosity.
How did he do it? 
Everything went smoothly, effortless with no errors on the way. 
It is safe to say that there must have been a little bit of magic. And few stitches too, just to keep magic in place.
It is something he is familiar with. The led dresses in collaboration with Swarovski  shown in Tokyo prove that he had done that before.

After I pushed repeat button too many times I realized it is not only about the transformation. It is also about dress itself. I could not even decided which version I liked better. They were modern yet feminine.
I also liked the models behavior. They knew about dresses transformations and you could see the satisfaction in their eyes when they pulled the magic strings. It was their sweet, little secret.
But there was so much more than magic transformations. He even made oversize clothes look sexy. If I could I  would love to purchase few things from his collections.

 It is so nice that if you can’t wear his projects you can still enjoy his perfectly put  together show.

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