All those tutus

Sometimes  I wish I could be a ballerina. 

 So graceful, strong, light. I would twirl and jump on stage and I would feel so happy and peaceful inside.I would be good at something.
Not that I am a sport type I cannot even dance but in my dreams I perform with a big smile on my face and the diamonds on my skirt are shining in the light.Oh,all those tutus I couId have to pair with my white tights and pink point shoes.Not that I know how to tie them.I just admire the passion all dancer and athletes have.  How dedicated they are.  I think about it and I am simply jealous.  Don’t worry I am not going to sign to a  dance class and definitely there is no chance for me to get an Olympic medal. That’s not going to happen, but despite that if I feel like letting all my dreams go I just put on some documentary. I watch the sweat,tears, blood and I feel inspired. Maybe I can’t do a flip but I will realize my dreams.

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