It was not my fault !!

There are certain things we just choose to ignore on daily basics. We see them every day yet still we hope they will sort themselves out, simply because it is high time for that.  But they don't go away, they stay and do their best to give us headache. 

One of those things was my suitcase full of clothes that didn't fit into my closet. Some time ago the dangerous level of fullness was reached and now my whore apartment was in danger of clothes flood. ,,I'm going to sort you out today" - I said pointing my finger as if I were talking to little child. ,,I will take care of you". 

Little did I know that as it always happens it wasn't as easy as I hoped it would.

The first problem appeared quite quickly. I could not decide which playlist would be perfect to sorting out clothes. ,, Best of 2013" or maybe ,,90 hits"? so many choices. In both cases there was a danger of falling into the memories instead of cleaning up. It took me another five minutes to click the ,,mix" option. That was sorted, now i needed to take care of serious stuff.  

Okeey I thought opening the case and wondering where I should start. My mother always says that you need to make mess first to clean up so I throw everything on the floor. There was a lot of things. Way more than I expected. I was just folding fifth sweater in the row, when under the pile of hoodies I have noticed metallic blue skirt. My baby. My baby was found. I got it for a new years eve two years ago and I worn it and regret it because it was so cold outside. oh and I remember that… no,no,no cleaning. Nita you are cleaning, you can do this! I told myself,  putting the skirt aside and taking care of another pile of unidentified t-shirts.

 I was half way through  ,,sleeping in my car" singing on top of my lungs when I heard the phone ringing. It was my friend asking me to go on skype. Well, I looked around on all the clothes I have folded I did deserved a break. I must admit the break was longer than expected but we haven't talked in a really long time plus it wasn't as the clothes could move, if they could they would clean themselves out and I would be very happy.

 I was just picking shirt wanting to fold it when my phone ringed again. well that what the destiny. Or my mum. ,, What are you doing" she asked and this time I was really glad she asked this question. ,,cleaning" I said proudly being as honest as possible. ,, cleaning?!" - she laughed with a doubt tone in her voice. I must admit it hurt a bit. ,,Are you hangover?" - she asked still laughing - ,,if so you could find a better excuse". Now that was really unfair. I definitely wasn't hangover as I didn't even go to the party yesterday and I was really cleaning. ,,Never mind" she said not really listening to my explanation.,, I need you to help me with some things, could you go on skype?" I agreed and looked around. Only half of the things were folded up. I put them in the suitcase and cover them with a mix of hoodies, pj's, sweaters and dresses I haven't got the chance to fold. 
The word had decide. I will take care of it tomorrow. 
Or another time.

How about you? How is yours spring cleaning going?


  1. Love the combination of this skirt and cropped sweater. Perfect outfit, looks great on you :)


    1. Thank you!xx
      the truth is that this was normal sweater that shrieked in the wash. but shh don't tell anyone! who said that destroyed things should be thrown away? xx

  2. Such a pretty look, I love the skirt + sweater combo!

  3. I totally go through the same process---every time I do a closet clean out, it takes me about 3 days because I have to pick the right jam to listen to, clean the containers for the clothes, try on all the clothes, get lazy and eat instead...etc. :P


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. finally! someone who understands me! picking the right music is a very important aspect! x there is so many distractions on the way which make cleaning much harder. still haven't done it .. i will get there x

  4. This is a beautiful outfit! You look amazing! Also, you pull off the sneakers + skirt trend REALLY well! I'm impressed! xx

    <(") Hoda
    JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

    1. Thank you!
      I love this trend because i cannot bike in any other shoes, I tried and failed so it is just perfect solution for me! plus it is extra comfortable so its really best of both words!
      glad you liked it xx

  5. great look. and nice photos

    1. thank you! i think i am getting more comfortable in making pictures in public places, or maybe i am better at funding locations no one goes to so i am not as embarrassed x

  6. So cute!


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